Digital wallets or crypto wallets are wallets that allow you to complete transactions on the blockchain, and store/track your cryptocurrencies.

BiLira, or TRYB, can be stored and transferred through all ERC-20 cryptocurrency compatible digital wallet providers. In addition, with the integration of TRYB on Avalanche, TRYB can be stored and transferred with the Avalanche Wallet.

If you want to create a request to issue or redeem BiLira immediately, you can continue by manually entering your digital wallet address.

If you want to create an order through a decentralized wallet that is integrated into the BiLira platform, you can create a new wallet with any of the wallet providers mentioned below. 


MetaMask is an Ethereum based wallet that is  one of the oldest and most practical custody wallet providers with more than 1 million users. MetaMask can be installed not only as a Google Chrome extension, but also as a mobile application.


Argent is an ERC-20 based wallet with many DeFi applications and access to decentralized finance with a single click. You can download Argent to your smartphone and connect it to your BiLira  account by scanning the QR code that appears after you select “Connect Argent Wallet’ on the BiLira platform..

You can watch our review video to understand the use of Argent in more detail.

Coinbase Wallet

You can use Coinbase's wallet, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in America, where you can store Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies (you can view which cryptocurrencies it supports on the site) by downloading it to your smartphone and scanning the QR code in the “Coinbase Wallet” option on the BiLira platform.


Aiming to simplify the complex structure of the crypto world, Fortmatic allows you to create a wallet with only your email / phone number and your password.


Aiming to make opening digital wallets simpler for newcomers to the crypto world, Portis allows users to create wallets with an email and password.


With Torus, which offers one of the easiest methods of creating a digital wallet, anyone can log in and create a wallet through Google, Facebook or similar third-party services.


The Avalanche wallet is a non-custodial web wallet where you can store cryptocurrencies exclusive to the Avalanche blockchain. If you need more help, please check out our Digital Wallet Registration page.

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