Your stable crypto asset pegged to the Turkish Lira

TRYB is a stablecoin indexed to the Turkish Lira that can operate on multiple blockchains.

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What is TRYB?

BiLira (TRYB) is a stablecoin developed in Turkey, running on 6 different blockchains including Ethereum, Avalanche and Solana blockchains. The value of BiLira is pegged against the Turkish Lira (TRY) and each BiLira is equivalent to one lira in the crypto world.

How does it work?

The principle behind TRYB is quite simple.



Create your account and complete identity verification.

TL Deposit


Deposit Turkish Lira into our affiliated bank account.



BiLira mints TRYB equivalent to the Turkish Lira you deposit.



The minted TRYB are transferred to your wallet.


Available anytime, anywhere

Break free from banking hours. With TRYB, a globally accessible crypto asset, you're not bound by time or location. Send, receive, and store TRYB instantly, anywhere in the world.

Free money transfers

Say goodbye to high bank transfer fees and welcome low-cost transactions, even for small sums. TRYB provides a simpler and more beneficial experience for all its users.

Zero Percent
Phones with Tokens

A gateway to decentralized finance

Explore financial products in Decentralized Finance applications using TRYB, your Turkish Lira-indexed crypto asset, across various blockchain networks, and earn rewards. By moving your TRYB to non-custodial digital wallets, you join thousands of BiLira users in securing your spot in the future of finance.

Reliable stability

TRYB can be converted to Turkish Lira at a 1:1 ratio at any time. Its reserves are securely held in Turkish bank accounts, with audit reports regularly released to ensure transparency.

At BiLira, transparency is our top priority. We empower our users with access to public reports and provide in-depth insights into TRYB reserves and transactions through comprehensive analysis on Dune Analytics.

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