How can I add TRYB to “Trust Wallet”?

The BiLira platform is compatible with 4 different digital wallet providers. When you connect Fortmatic, Portis and Torus digital wallets to the BiLira platform, the TRYB tokens in your wallet are visible on the interface. However, you need to use the "Add Custom Token" button to display the BiLira (TRYB) symbol in “Trust Wallet”, which you can connect to using “Wallet Connect”.

When you open Trust Wallet, the screen below will appear. To add the TRYB symbol to the wallet, you need to press the button at the top right that is marked with a red outline. 

To view the BiLira Token, you need to search for “BiLira” in the search bar that appears. After your search result is yielded, you can press the swipe button to make the BiLira symbol visible. If TRYB does not appear after typing it in the search bar, click the "Add Custom Token" button to proceed.

On the screen that appears, you can enter the contract details of the BiLira smart contract, which you can verify at 

After entering the contract address and other information click “Save”. This will let you see the BiLira (TRYB) symbol on the main screen.

Contract address: 0x2c537e5624e4af88a7ae4060c022609376c8d0eb

Name: BiLira

Symbol: TRYB


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