I deposited a false/incorrect cryptocurrency to my fixed deposit address. What should I do?

The address stated in the cryptocurrency deposit process is under the responsibility of the user. If you send a cryptocurrency other than TRYB to your fixed BiLira deposit address, share the information provided below with the support@bilira.co address. 

BiLira account email: 

Cryptocurrency name:                                                                      

Deposit amount:

Deposit Transfer (TxID) information:

Refund Address:

Recovery of your cryptocurrency is not guaranteed by BiLira.

In case of a successful recovery, the assets that were sent to the incorrect address will be returned to the refund address you indicate. The accuracy of the wallet address you indicate is under your responsibility. BiLira is not responsible for any losses that may occur due to an incorrect indication of your wallet address. 

The recovery fee for the refund process will be 0.01 ETH. This amount will be subtracted from the value of the cryptocurrency that was sent in this process. If you are unable to provide the recovery and process fees, the repayment transaction will not be completed.

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