1- Cryptocurrency Trading

As BiLira, we provide our users with the opportunity to transfer money without any fees by directly entering their TRYB address in the exchanges when making TRYB issuences. We are currently operating on many cryptocurrency exchanges and the number of exchanges that we are listed on is growing steadily. You can watch the video below to learn how to directly transfer TRYB to exchanges.

2- Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

As BiLira, we consider DeFi as a concept that will change the future of finance. Decentralized finance, which is considered as the equivalent of the open internet concept in finance, aims to enable individuals to control their own money and benefit from financial instruments without the need for any intermediaries. We provide the opportunity to transfer TRYB’s to cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as to personal non-custodial wallets such as Ethereum-based Metamask, Argent, Dharma and Avalanche Wallet. You can use this link to learn how to set up and use the digital wallet providers used on the BiLira platform. To dive deeper into decentralized finance you can watch our video series "Discover Decentralized Finance with BiLira!".

3- Community Aid

One of our primary missions is to maximize the welfare level in Turkey by reinforcing it with the benefits of blockchain technology. As BiLira, we aim to use the transparency provided by the blockchain infrastructure to provide a new path for social aid, where BiLira brings philanthropists together with individuals in need. With this motivation, we created Uçurtma Projesi, a platform that aims to provide students,with financial needs, the necessary tools to achieve their dreams.  The system works with smart contracts developed over the Ethereum network, enabling students to benefit from social assistance with cryptocurrencies. In addition, the transparent infrastructure of the money transfer allows the supporters to have the chance to follow up on the success of the students they support. With the Uçurtma Projesi and similar ideas, we aim to be a pioneer of change in social aid methods and maximize social benefit by focusing on transparency. You can click on this link to examine the Uçurtma Projesi and discover the dreams of university students.

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