You can either complete your verification process by following the steps below, or by watching the video below from our “Use BiLira” series in which we explain our identity verification procedure.

To start your verification process you can either click the red warning box located at the top of the homepage, or access the verifications and limits tab from your profile page.

Level 1 Authentication

At the first stage, you can apply for identity verification with your name, surname, date of birth and TR identity number. Turkish characters in your name and surname should be written in the same way as on your identity card. If you are warned that the information does not match, double-check the information you entered.

Your account approval process will be completed within a few minutes if we do not detect any deficiencies or errors in the information you have provided. 

Level 2 Authentication

In the second level, you must apply with your identity photocopy and selfie to verify your identity.

1. You must apply with the front and back photographs of your TR ID, Driver's License or Passport. 

2. Subsequently, you must upload your selfie containing your original ID and a paper containing the phrase "BiLira" and the date.

3. Make sure that the documents you provide are clear and legible. Your level 2 authentication will be completed within 24 hours.

Your personal information is encrypted and never shared with third parties.They are not used for any other purpose than confirming your identity information.

* If authentication is not successful despite the information given above, you can contact us using the Support Request Form on the Help page.

Level 3 Authentication

You can contact us at to perform third-stage authentication.

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