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Fullstack Developer

We are building a small team of talented generalists with preferably a nerdy / hacker attitude, a deep understanding of the "web platform", and a sense of humor.

BiLira Token
BiLira Career
February 26, 2021

About the Company

BiLira is one of the most promising FinTech ventures coming out of Turkey, supported by notable investors and partners. Our core technology is a 1 to 1 backed stable cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of The Turkish Lira, whose value never changes. We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs with an ambitious goal democratizing access to financial products through decentralized technologies.

Job Description

Hello nerds! We are a small group of devs working on BiLira’s products.

Our philosophy is to always aim for quality and simplicity, with a pragmatic touch; when it comes either to our team, product, or processes [1].

A quality team comes before everything. We are building a small team of talented generalists with preferably a nerdy / hacker attitude, a deep understanding of the "web platform", and a sense of humor.

We are not looking for the mythical full stack developer who is an expert on everything, say, ES2118, CSS, responsive design, GraphQL, AWS, Kubernetes and shit.

Instead we are looking for people who have a proper foundation on programming in general and the web platform, a strong intellectual curiosity, and the experience & ability to make good judgements when it comes either to technology choices, architectural choices, implementation details, analysis, prioritization, and interaction with customers (internal & external). This is what's important. Specifics can be learned. No one cares if you know flexbox or not. Or funky sorting algorithms. Or React hooks.

Currently we have an API and a web app. Other fancy stuff such as mobile apps, trading bots, blockchain apps on the Ethereum blockchain are on the way.

Javascript is in heavy use; mostly because it is keeping everything simple during our early stage, thanks to its quality of being platform agnostic [2]. Notable tech we use are Node, Postgres, React.

We are looking for our next teammate to help us maintain what we have and develop our next products.

[1] I'm influenced by Suckless

[2] The platforms being the web browsers, Linux & MacOS & Windows via Node & Electron, and iOS & Android via React Native. Not to forget about AWS Lambda.

The ideal candidate:

  • Collaborate with not only the engineering team, but company as a whole
  • Disciplined, to accomodate a flexible & remote workflow
  • Takes ownership of the products being built
  • Entrepreneurial, without compromising security
  • Love solving complex engineering problems
  • Fluent in English (reading & writing)

Extra Points & Nice to haves:

  • 4+ year coding experience
  • Early stage startup experience
  • Experience with our stack (Node.js, React, PostgreSQL)
  • Designing and developing APIs
  • Excellent JavaScript skills
  • Blockchain experience

Additional Information & Benefits

  • Individuals who live in Istanbul are our preference however we support remote working %100
  • Competitive Salary
  • Flexible schedule and the option to be remote up to 3 days a week (though we love to hang!)
  • Office perks (free coffee, coworking space, weekly community activities, etc.)

Join us if you have a proactive mindset, a desire to learn new technologies and a passion to create user centered applications. Let's democratize finance and connect everyone to the decentralized internet of tomorrow!

The world is changing with the financial revolution that started with Satoshi's creation of Bitcoin in 2009. We are looking for talented people who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. If you are interested in joining BiLira, you can fill out the Google Form by clicking the button below!
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