Incorrect deposit/withdrawal transaction

BiLira Token
BiLira Support
April 2, 2021

You can only deposit or withdraw TL to/from your BiLira account through a bank account that is registered on your name: 

  • If you deposit TL from or withdraw TL to a bank account registered to someone else's name;
  • If you deposit TL from or withdraw TL to a business bank account;
  • If you use your Tax ID number instead of your T.C. ID number to deposit/withdraw TL;
  • If you use an ATM or a branch that is not registered on your name to deposit/withdraw, If you use a credit card;
  • If the Name, Last Name information on your BiLira account does not match with the bank account used to deposit/withdraw TL;
  • If you deposit TL before creating a TRYB issuance request

Your TL transactions will be marked as “Incorrect TL Transactions”. For a repayment of your funds, you need to contact us via our support email:

Please execute your transfers according to the guidelines mentioned in the link below. Transactions that do not conform to the rules will be repaid free of charge for the first breach. After this initial allowance, all transactions that violate the rules will be repaid with a 10% fee (up to a maximum of 100TL). All repayments will be completed within 1 business day.

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