The Only Platform You Need

Multipurpose platform that allows you to discover the world of BiLira.



Using the BiLira platform, you can buy and sell TRYB, transfer cryptocurrencies by connecting your wallet to the platform, perform swaps from decentralized exchanges at the best rates, discover decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and follow the prices of the currency pairs on exchanges where TRYB is listed.

Released TRYB Amount

3 Billion +

Total TRYB Transfer Volume on Blockchain

14 Billion +

TRYB Swap Volume

4 Billion +

BiLira Community

25,000 +

Buy & Sell TRYB.

Use your non custodial wallet or exchange deposit address to create an issuance request.


Non custodial wallet users may trade at best exchange rates via DEX’s.


Transfer tokens using the BiLira Platform, where you can connect even using your social media account.

Join DeFi.

Explore the DeFi universe with just one click. Learn how to participate. Join the future of finance now!

Follow the Market.

Track the prices of TRYB and Turkish Lira against different cryptocurrencies.
Dashboard | BiLira
Dashboard | BiLira
Dashboard | BiLira
DeFi | BiLira
Dashboard | BiLira

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BiLira Platform?

It is a platform that will allow you to step into the world of alternative finance. It helps you manage, transfer and invest-swap funds that are free, decentralized and only under your control.

Is the Platform Safe?

The platform, specially developed by the BiLira team, uses Web3 technology, as well as the latest and proven new features of the blockchain and smart contracts.

Are My Funds Safe When I Connect My Wallet To The Platform?

When you connect your non custodial wallet to the BiLira platform, it is not possible for us to access your funds and keys in any way. You have sole control over your wallet.
Disclaimer Info
This website only describes the possible use cases for BiLira (TRYB). All investment strategies and investments involve risk of loss. Nothing contained in this website should be construed as investment advice.