Ecosystem Partners


We work with more than 6 banks operating in the field of Traditional Finance. We enable you to perform your transactions by choosing the appropriate Bank for you


You can trade TRYB with these centralized and decentralized exchanges. Our most used pairs include BTC/TRYB, ETH/TRYB, and USDT/TRYB.


TRYB can work on ERC-20 compatible wallets as well as on Avalanche Wallet. Also you can explore decentralized finance via TRYB.

Wallet Providers

As BiLira, we are always working to develop the Turkish crypto ecosystem and we offer different types of wallet provider services for your use.

Blockchain Network

As BiLira, we continue to be involved in different blockchains in the ever-growing Blockchain Economy and is involved in 4 different Blockchain projects. In addition, we can perform our transactions on 5 different chains.


We know the importance of data and want to be visible on various platforms to display our analytics data in line with our perspective of being completely transparent.


We want to create a stronger community with our business partnerships and affiliates within the ecosystem. You can discover the partners with whom BiLira collaborates. As BiLira, we are always working to make better the Turkish crypto ecosystem and we are working with the following partners to lead this change.


You can explore the organizations that BiLira provides and receives services in the field of Financial Technologies.

Custody Solutions

Cryptocurrency custody solutions are independent storage and security systems. Custody solutions are our preferred solutions in meeting the crypto money ecosystem with corporate capital and the companies we do business with.

Legal & Compliance

As BiLira, we always know the importance of security, compliance and regulations, and we work with partners known in the regulatory and compliance fields for this.