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What is DeFi?

DeFi is a universal, permissionless and blockchain powered financial ecosystem that can offer today's user financial instruments on the next level.


With your digital wallet you control your funds.
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Connect 10+ crypto wallets to the BiLira platform.
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Buy and sell 1000+ cryptocurrencies at the best price.

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Per minute, per hour, per week. Earn passive income from the moment you deposit.

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With automatic portfolio management, benefit from strategies that earn for you even in your sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why DeFi?

Not your keys, not your tokens.

Thanks to DeFi, whether it be swapping, borrowing or earning passive income, you can be in full control of your tokens without having to trust anyone.

Are DeFi protocols safe?

There are rotten apples in any basket.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to trust every DeFi protocol due to possible smart contract exploits, malevolent developers and hackers. However, DeFi projects on our page consist of leading teams of the ecosystem that are regularly audited. That's why you can check the most reliable ones on our tab.

How Do You Foresee the Future of DeFi?

Walk towards the light.

As the BiLira team, we closely follow the developments in decentralized finance. And we believe the future of finance will be in the realm of DeFi, without borders, accessible to all, and not controlled by central authorities.
Disclaimer Info
The services described above are not provided by the BiLira Platform. DeFi Third party service providers are solely responsible for their products.