Your On & Offramp for Crypto

With TRYB you can trade cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins and many more on listed exchanges.

Metavest symbol
Virgox Symbol
Pangolin Symbol

Exchanges You Can Trade TRYB

Buy & Sell Crypto Within Minutes!

Open an account on BiLira and start issuing TRYB tokens to an exchange wallet of your choosing.

Enter your TRYB deposit address on exchange.

When issuing BiLira, add your receiving wallet address.

Choose payment method.

Via bank.

Enter the amount of tokens to be issued.

Choose how much TRYB you would like to receive.

Confirm the issuance request and send money to IBAN.

While sending TL to the specified IBAN, don’t forget to include your request id in the transfer explanation section.
Issuance Flow
Issuance Flow
Issuance Flow
Issuance Flow

From Crypto to your Bank.

By simply transferring TRYB tokens to your redemption address you can receive the underlying funds in your bank account.

Create a redemption wallet.

Add your bank account to create your unique wallet address.

Transfer TRYB to wallet.

Withdraw from exchanges or digital wallets to your redemption address.

Create a redemption request.

Once tokens have been deposited you can redeem to any bank account.

It is That Simple.

Upon creating a request, the Turkish Lira amount you specified will be transferred to your account.
Redemption Flow
Redemption Flow
Redemption Flow
Redemption Flow
Disclaimer Info
This website only describes the possible use cases for BiLira (TRYB). All investment strategies and investments involve risk of loss. Nothing contained in this website should be construed as investment advice.