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Payment channels
What is BiLira?
BiLira is a stable cryptocurrency that is backed by the Turkish Lira. This means that you can always buy and redeem 1 BiLira for ₺1.00 Turkish Lira.
Stable Currency / Value
BiLira can be used as a stable currency for digital exchange.

Backed by Turkish Liras / 1 to 1 Parity
Every BiLira is always 100% collateralized by TL and is custodied by our banking partners.
Ease of Exchange
You can send the BiLira ERC-20 token to anyone in the world within minutes.
Participate in #DeFi
Explore and interact with decentralized finance products, easily exchange with other assets.
The bank account holdings will be audited and published regularly to prove existence of funds.
Legal Protection
Anyone who passes a KYC/AML check can purchase and redeem BiLira.
How does it work?
It is easy and secure to issue or redeem BiLira through our platform.

User wires funds to the Custodian Bank.


Bank confirms the transaction and notifies BiLira.


BiLira mints tokens and transfers to recipient's Wallet.


User sends tokens for redemption to an address provided by BiLira.


Once BiLira receives the tokens, they are removed from the total supply.


BiLira notifies the Custodian Bank to wire funds to recipient's bank account.

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