Frequently Asked Questions
Information on Depositing Money

How do I deposit TRY?

While transferring TRY through your bank account, please don’t forget to include “BILIRA TEKNOLOJI A.S.” and the Transfer Code stated in your issuance request as the description.

What is the minimum amount for depositing Turkish Lira?

You must transfer at least 100 TRY or more to our bank account to buy the equivalent amount of TRYB tokens. If the deposit is below the minimum amount, your funds will be transferred back to your bank account.

How can I open a Digital Wallet?

To open a ERC-20 token compatible digital wallet, visit or to follow the instructions on how to open a wallet. If you require further assistance please refer to our Digital Wallet Registration page.

How do I buy BiLira?

The easiest way is to mint a new issuance request on the BiLira platform.


  • If you don’t have a BiLira account, sign up and verify your identity.
  • Log in to your BiLira account.
  • Start the minting process and receive instructions on where to send funds.
  • Send the funds and receive BiLira in your Ethereum wallet.
  • Alternatively, BiLira can be easily purchased through our Exchange partners as well.

When will I receive my BiLira tokens?

Once your bank transfer is settled and verified the BiLira network will send the tokens into your wallet address.

Can I deposit TRY using a Credit Card or ATM?

At the moment we only accept deposits from your bank account.

Can I deposit TRY using someone else's bank account?

For your security, you can only deposit TRY if your identity verification, BiLira platform account information and bank account information are a match.

Information on Redeeming Money

How can I redeem TRYB to TRY?

The easiest way to convert BiLira is through our platform. 


  • If you don’t have a BiLira account, sign up and verify your identity.
  • Log in to your BiLira account.
  • Start the redeem process and receive instructions on where to send BiLira.
  • Send BiLira and receive Turkish Lira in your bank account.
  • Alternatively, BiLira can be easily exchanged for Turkish Lira through our Exchange partners as well.

Are there fees for redeeming TRYB?

Any transfer within and in between banks may be subject to transfer fees not imposed by the BiLira organization.

When can I expect to receive my TRY?

Any redemption request that is completed before 17:00 will be transferred within the same day. Any redemption request completed during the weekend will be transferred within one business day.

Can I use someone else's bank account to redeem TRYB?

For your security, you can only redeem TRYB if your identity verification, BiLira platform account information and bank account information are a match.

Account Information and User Verification

How can I verify my identity?

In your Account Settings under the Identity Verification tab you must complete and upload to necessary documents for us to verify your identity. Make sure the photos you upload are readable for quicker verification. After we verify your details, you will receive an email from us confirming your verification to start issuing and redeeming BiLira.

Why do you need my information?

To make sure that every individual user is following the regulatory and legal procedures we conduct AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) checks before allowing users to use our platform.

What are the deposit and redemption limits?

To learn our current limits on deposit and redemption requests, please read our Limits & Rules page.

How can I view my remaining limit on deposit and redemption requests?

Visit your Dashboard to quickly view your remaining limits.


How do I know my funds are secure?

All funds are kept in Turkish bank accounts and regular quarterly audits will be published to provide transparency for our stakeholders.

How can I change my phone number?

You can change your contact information on the Account Settings page by verifying your account password.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by following the instructions on your Account Settings page under the Security.

How to securely access our website?

Every time you access our website make sure that the url matches and the security lock icon is present on the left side of the url.

Warnings about fraudulent transactions and account security best practices

If you are suspicious about any of the transactions on the BiLira platform, please contact us at about your concerns. 

  • Don't share your email and password with anyone
  • Make sure you choose a strong password and change it periodically
  • Use 2-Factor authentication to ensure your account security
General Questions

Who is BiLira for?

BiLira is the first stablecoin to be backed by a local asset, the Turkish Lira. We anticipate everyone to benefit from Blockchain powered trust that allows fast and secure settlements with low transaction fees.

  • Decentralized Finance dApps: Enter Web 3.0 financial products without exposure to crypto volatility.
  • Exchanges: Simplify complex settlements offered by traditional banks and exchanges through offering a convenient way.
  • Crypto Traders: Hedge against volatility in the crypto market by moving your assets to a stablecoin.

What is TRYB token?

The BiLira token is a stable cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum Network which is owned and managed by the BiLira organization.

How do I know BiLira will hold its value?

Every BiLira is 100% backed by Turkish Lira and can be redeemed from our banking partners.

Who can buy BiLira?

Any user that passes our required identity verification process.

What is Etherscan?

Etherscan is a block explorer and analytics website where everyone can view information on BiLira transactions, total tokens in circulation, smart contract information and much more. To checkout BiLira transactions on the Blockchain visit:

Can I access my account from abroad?

You can only access your account abroad if you have previously set up your 2-Factor Authentication. This is for your own security. 

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